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Do It Yourself or “DIY” Retirement Planning

“Do It Yourself” or DIY retirement planning is probably a phrase you never thought you’d consider.  With traditional pensions declining, individuals are starting to work on planning their retirement by themselves.  Typically, you’re on your own when it comes to saving for retirement, or for the rest of your life.  This is definitely a tough challenge for many individuals. To help you begin planning for retirement, you can apply concepts from portfolios that others have used to accumulate assets while building their own portfolios.  While Read More +

What To Do During Retirement

Let’s face it: being retired can be boring after a while. After you’ve stopped working, the days can start to run together if you aren’t out experiencing new things. Here’s a list of things that you can do during retirement to experience the “recess years” of your life. 1.  Travel. If it’s within your budget, try and get out of town for a while. Whether it’s the other side of your state or the other side of the world. Sometime experiencing new towns and cultures Read More +

Phil Cannella Provides Crash Proof Answers to Tough Retirement Questions

Phil Cannella learned early in his life how important it is to protect senior citizens from the obstacles that could stand in the way of a secure retirement. That’s why Phil Cannella has spent the past 39 years as a consumer advocate and working to reach the designation of “Retirement Phase Expert.” But in the early 2000s, Phil Cannella found his true mission and calling in the form of his trademarked & exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. The fallout from the 2001-2002 stock market collapse Read More +

Phil Cannella Takes On the Big Dogs

Phil Cannella, in an effort to bring about financial industry reform, has had to stand up against some of the big players in the financial and banking world. The motive behind his efforts is simple: The big investment banks and Wall Street make a lot of money on fees and commissions from everyday investors. Most investors are ignorant of the amount of money their paying each year to their brokers and advisors. Phil Cannella is diametrically opposed to everyday consumer getting fleeced by Wall St. Read More +

Phil Cannella Concerned about Seniors Outliving Their Assets

Phil Cannella points out that one of the biggest challenges facing retirees is not necessarily running out of money during retirement. While statistical averages can predict to a certain degree our life expectancy, the truth of the matter is that we could live longer than the average. As we head into retirement, Phil Cannella tells us that we need to look at our needs, our goals and our assets and come up with a course of action that ensures that we don’t deplete our assets Read More +

Phil Cannella Addresses Retirement Concerns

Phil Cannella developed the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System is order to fulfill his duty as a consumer advocate and serve a needs of retirees that had become very evident after the tech bubble burst in the early part of this century. After seeing so many people, in and near retirement, lose so much of their nest-eggs so fast, Phil Cannella developed his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System to protect assets so that baby-boomers could enjoy the retirements for which they had always wished. One Read More +

Phil Cannella Reviews – Phil Cannella Reviews Discusses Term Certain Annuities – Phil Cannella Reviews

Phil Cannella Reviews, Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Complaints Phil Cannella will tell you that in insurance there is no one size fit all. Any financial professional who knows his business will assess the individual goals and needs of their client before making any recommendations as to what type of financial vehicle to invest in. When it comes to working with retirees, this is where Phil Cannella’s expertise truly shines. One type of annuity that some  Advisors recommend to retirees is a term certain annuity. Read More +

Phil Cannella Reviews – Phil Cannella Takes a Hard Look at Life Expectancies – Phil Cannella Reviews

Phil Cannella Reviews, Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Complaints Phil Cannella understands how life expectancy tables play a major role in many insurance contracts. In life insurance for example, the life insurance company is guaranteeing a payment to your designated beneficiary upon your death. While there are complex calculations to figure out what your premium should be, one of the fundamental factors is a gauge of how long you are going to live. As Phil Cannella explains, while there is no way anyone can predict Read More +

Phil Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella Interviews Best-Selling Author and Economist Forecaster -Phil Cannella Reviews

Phil Cannella Reviews Phil Cannella Reviews – Phillip Cannella Reviews: Phil Cannella Reviews, Interviews Best-Selling Author and Economist Forecaster, Harry Dent on Why 2014-2015 is the Next Big Danger Period. Phil Cannella provides another insightful interview, this time with best-selling author and renowned economic forecaster, Harry Dent, in an effort to educate America about healthy retirement strategy. Harry Dent and Phil Cannella are a unique combination to listen to, providing listeners with a revealing glimpse into our 2014 economic forecast. With insights into how to protect what you have before Read More +