Phil Cannella Addresses Retirement Concerns

Phil Cannella developed the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System is order to fulfill his duty as a consumer advocate and serve a needs of retirees that had become very evident after the tech bubble burst in the early part of this century. After seeing so many people, in and near retirement, lose so much of their nest-eggs so fast, Phil Cannella developed his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System to protect assets so that baby-boomers could enjoy the retirements for which they had always wished.

One of the reasons Phil Cannella has remained at the top of his game as one of the foremost leaders in the financial retirement industry is because he has continued to refine and adjust it to the changing needs of consumers who are concerned about the frailty of the world economy.

In a recent set of interviews conducted by the media company he founded: Retirement Media Inc.-Truth for the American Retiree, Phil Cannella asked a number of consumers what their greatest fears are in retirement. The answers were very enlightening and included: The fear of running out of money in retirement; Having a stable monthly income to sustain retirement; How to generate enough income after being laid off and being too old to go back into the workforce; & Having to dip into retirement assets earlier than planned due to market losses.

There were many more responses but each of them followed in the same general vein. And this is where Phil Cannella’s proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System really shines. Phil is constantly adjusting and improving each specific Crash Proof Retirement System for each Crash Proof consumer, while continually providing a system that will protect them and their assets from the fears of loss on the stock market. Phil Cannella does consider his Crash Proof Retirement System a static, immovable object, but as a dynamic system that is always adjusting to the needs of his consumers to protect them during the most critical years of their lives.