Phil Cannella Takes On the Big Dogs

Phil Cannella, in an effort to bring about financial industry reform, has had to stand up against some of the big players in the financial and banking world. The motive behind his efforts is simple: The big investment banks and Wall Street make a lot of money on fees and commissions from everyday investors. Most investors are ignorant of the amount of money their paying each year to their brokers and advisors.

Phil Cannella is diametrically opposed to everyday consumer getting fleeced by Wall St. He believes that people should have a right and ability to keep, protect, and to grow their hard earned dollars after a lifetime of work with safety. As he sees it, when a person is in or approaching their retirement, they should enjoy the fruits of their labors and be able to protect their nest eggs so that they can enjoy the retirement they dreamed of all their lives.
For Phil Cannella, it is like a burning torch inside to bring real help and solutions to American retirees. This desire is fueled by events that befell him and his family during his early years. When he was younger, Phil’s grandpa suffered a stroke shortly after retiring and Phil witnessed his grandpa’s retirement dreams disappear from under him in a blink of an eye. To make matters worse, Phil’s father had to take 3 jobs just to pay the nursing home and other bills and keep the family afloat. These were tough times for the young Phil Cannella but it was an experience that served to give him strength and purpose for what he then set out to make his life’s mission.

As a young man Phil Cannella was cast into the world and his success and confidence led to him becoming a leading pioneer of long term care insurance offering families a solution to protect their nest eggs from debilitating health conditions. As he expanded his horizons to other avenues to help seniors, he soon became very proficient in the financial arena and over the last 10 years has become one of the most sought after financial retirement professionals in the country. He then took this up another notch and conducted weekly educational events to provide a forum to educate thousands of consumers each year, which has been occurring for almost 10 years. As his popularity and the demand for his services grew, Phil Cannella took to the airwaves to host a weekly radio show to bring his message of financial security to tens of thousands of people each week as an alternative to mainstream media.