Phil Cannella Concerned about Seniors Outliving Their Assets

Phil Cannella points out that one of the biggest challenges facing retirees is not necessarily running out of money during retirement. While statistical averages can predict to a certain degree our life expectancy, the truth of the matter is that we could live longer than the average. As we head into retirement, Phil Cannella tells us that we need to look at our needs, our goals and our assets and come up with a course of action that ensures that we don’t deplete our assets before we pass on.

This is one of the big issues with many financial advisors they put together a plan for an individual that assumes their client will die at a specific age. This is all fine and good if the client does die according to the laws of averages, but if he or she lives longer, there could be a problem. This is one of the key components Phil Cannella focuses on with his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. He understands that running out of money is not an option and his system emphasizes asset protection, preservation and conservative growth.  Phil Cannella points out that if you look at life expectancy tables today you’ll see that people are living longer than ever before. The longer you live; the longer you need your assets to last; and the longer you live the greater the chance that your portfolio might be affected by market risk.

As part of Phil Cannella’s proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System he assesses each client’s income needs and assets and works out how to leverage various financial vehicles in order to ensure that consumers do not run out of money. Phil Cannella’s system has been utilized by thousands of clients who have been extremely happy with their results.