Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Says that the Stock Market is Stacked Against You

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella points out that the threat of another market crash is imminent, always on the horizon, ready to strike and wipe out our savings.

To give you the words of Phil Cannella himself, he says, “to the uninformed retiree who does not Crash Proof™ their retirement, the risk of jeopardizing their nest egg is a constant and palpable threat. Once disaster strikes, as it did in 1929, and more recently in 2007 and 2008, you can see that time is no longer on your side with regard to rebuilding your nest egg. Inadvertently, the stock market fails retirees. It is simply stacked against you. And during a market crash the entire structure comes toppling down, decimating the savings you need to survive 20, 25, even 30 years or more of retirement. It is under these circumstances that as a retiree, you risk losing the most important investment element you have: Time.”

Phil Cannella points out that if you are in your younger years you may have the chance to recover the loss because you have enough time ahead of you. But for the retiree or the person soon to hit retirement, Phil Cannella says that he or she should not be invested to any great degree, or certainly not what they will depend on to live, in the stock market.

It is for this reason that Phil Cannella created First Senior Financial Group and the Crash Proof Retirement™ System.