Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Discusses Ongoing Fees

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has assumed the role of educator in his relationship with his clients and not that of someone “selling” insurance. Phil Cannella prides himself on being a consumer advocate for just that reason. He wants to educate his consumers so that they can decide for themselves what is right and what should be done with their financial future.

The educational process begins by attending an educational event that Phil Cannella puts on several times a month throughout the tri-state area. During these events Phil Cannella covers many situations people in their retired years face that they need to be concerned about. After this initial step, consumers who want to learn more go through a three-step process, each one further educating them on the essentials they need to know to navigate their own retirement future.

Phil Cannella takes great pride in being a teacher rather than just a “sales person”. He wants his clients to be well informed so that they can assess their own lives and make the best decision possible regarding their portfolio.