Phil Cannella Stands for Truth and Logic

On his Crash Proof Retirement Show, Phil Cannella explains that “building a retirement plan is based on a foundation of truth” and he built the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System on a foundation of truth and logic.

During every step of the process of constructing an individualized Crash Proof Retirement System, Phil Cannella looks to eliminate all the risk factors that could upend an otherwise sound retirement plan. To begin with, he examined stocks, bonds and mutual funds and discovered a common denominator in them that they are subject to market volatility and risk. During both of the market crashes of the first decade of this century, retirees heavily invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds but often lost their shirts, and then often had to completely alter their retirement plans. The alterations had to be done because they lacked the financial resources to continue spending what some shady Wall Street advisor had recommended.

In stark contrast, Phil Cannella took and alternate route and further searched for any and all financial vehicles that could not only provide principal protection (much like a bank CD, ) but also provide for upward growth. Phil Cannella found that this solution lay in the insurance industry where there were financial vehicles that provided for both growth as well as principal protection. Taking the concept of truth and logic another step further, Phil Cannella made a few more deductions and created a system that could completely Crash Proof any investor from market loss and help him or her steer his retirement safely and with security.

Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System is one of the most sought after financial programs in the country, with thousands clamoring and signing up to hear Phil Cannella speak and shine a light on an otherwise cloudy and murky subject.