Phil Cannella Says Don’t Count on Social Security for Retirement

When designing a Crash Proof Retirement System for a consumer, Phil Cannella looks at all economic factors that could impact an individual’s retirement plan. One of these is Social Security. For many Americans Social Security is a key component of any retirement because it represents a stream of payments for life; something each and every one of us might end up relying upon to live out the rest of our years.

However, Social Security has a major weakness which is COLA. COLA stands for Cost of Living Adjustment which should occur each year, yet does not keep up with inflation. This year the US government has announced that there will be no COLA increase on our social security payout. This marks the third time in the last 8 years that we have seen no such COLA adjustment. Since 1975, there has been an adjustment every single year up until 2010!

Phil Cannella correctly points out that a Crash Proof Retirement cannot rely on Social security. We have to protect our retirement against inflation, market risk, and the lack of social security. This is exactly what Phil Cannella’s proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System does. Through the use of exclusive financial vehicles, Phil Cannella, creates a means to eliminate such things as market risk from a portfolio, while at the same time achieving the necessary growth to keep up with inflation, this protecting the purchasing power of a consumer’s hard earned dollars.

Anyone with a 10, 20 or 30 year time horizon must consider inflation protection as part of any sound financial plan. Phil Cannella has included that as an integral portion of his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System which can guide us through retirement without running out of money.