Phil Cannella Reveals 2 of the Best Client-Driven Financial Vehicles – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella helps

American retirees protect their nest egg so that they can enjoy the retirement they deserve and worked so hard for. He suggests that in your retirement years you put your money in client-driven accounts (money instruments that favor the owner instead of the advisor) especially those that are specifically designed for American retirees. Let’s look at two of them now…


Exclusion Ratio

One of the ways Phil Cannella helps his clients legally refrain from reporting 85% of their income is with the Exclusion Ratio, which is the portion of your annuity’s income that the IRS considers a return of your original principal. By owning certain insurance products, you can reduce the income tax you’re required to pay down to only 15%.

Sleep Well Accounts

Insurance products are what Phil Cannella calls “sleep well accounts” because while they protect your portfolio against a downswing, they also allow it to grow during an upswing.


If you’ve heard of these two client-driven financial vehicles, it is probably because you are working with a financial advisor who specializes in the retirement years. Phil Cannella always suggests retirees work with a financial advisor who specializes in retirement; otherwise you are putting your nest egg in the wrong hands.