Phil Cannella Protecting Your Investments

Phil Cannella has devised a unique system that eliminates all market risk from an investor’s portfolio, while at the same time offering decent returns. I am not talking about a bank CD or money market account which, though they are considered safe, the interest these accounts earn don’t even keep up with inflation. What we are talking about are Crash Proof Investment vehicles that eliminate market risk yet still have the potential of upside growth. These financial vehicles participate in the growth of the market but have eliminated the negative effects when market indices swing down.

What Phil Cannella recognized many years ago is that the everyday investor was being lied to and cheated by many a financial advisor. Retirees especially were found to be extremely gullible and could be preyed upon by any self-seeking “financial professional” in whom they laid their faith and their hard-earned dollars only to see their investments take a tumble in market crash after market crash.

This is why Phil Cannella devised the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System. Using financial vehicles that are impervious to market crashes and market volatility, Phil Cannella’s clients have no risk of ever losing any of their principal. Moreover, his clients don’t have any risk of losing any interest they have earned either.

Unlike Wall Street, where the gains are on paper only and are not realized until you take them off the market, with Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof vehicles, as interest is credited, it is yours to keep and cannot be taken away by anyone other than yourself withdrawing funds from your account.

This is Phil Cannella making a stand, protecting seniors, and looking out for their best interests and their future over and above any self-interest.