Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Tells Retirees That It is Time To Wake Up!

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella urges retirees to challenge their Financial Advisors knowledge of IRA regulations and put their knowledge to the test to see what they know and don’t know. According to Phil Cannella, if a consumer is working with an Advisor who is not trained as a Retirement Phase Advisor it is very likely he or she will not get the best advice possible.


Phil Cannella differentiates between the know-how a Accumulation Phase Advisor needs versus a Retirement Phase Advisor. These are two different types of people demographically speaking and also in terms of their finances, goals, financial concerns, etc. Catering to someone who is still working is different than one who is not and having a knowledge of the tax laws to help each is critical in an Advisor according to Phil Cannella.


In his own words, Phil Cannella says: “American retirees, it’s time to wake up.  Should you continue to seek the advice of an advisor who is insufficiently informed about the guaranteed financial vehicles that can transport you to the blissful retirement you dream of, ask him or her to put their opinions in writing.  Then ask if they would be willing to bet their careers on the accuracy of those opinions.”