Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Provides Invaluable Resources For Protecting Your Nest Egg

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella is dedicated to informing retirees about the many ways to protect and guarantee their nest eggs, even in the face of a catastrophic illness, extended nursing home stay or market crash.


Every year, approximately one million seniors who worked a lifetime become impoverished due to poor planning or no planning at all during the Retirement Phase. That’s a pretty terrible statistic considering that most people are not warned about the concealed hazards that loom ahead of them in their long-awaited retirement years.


It may feel like circumstances can come up that are out of your control, but with the right planning, Phil Cannella proves that you can plan for even the hardest times. That’s because he’s lived by the inspirational thought of his dad; “It’s not what happens in life that decides the outcome, it’s how you react to what happens!”


Phil Cannella followed his heart and set out to find the solutions that will help solve America’s retirement problems, and he’s done it. You can take advantage of the multiple resources he’s provided to ensure you don’t become one of the million seniors this year who will lose their nest egg. You can learn more to improve your retirement by visiting Phil Cannella’s website:; his blog:; and tuning into his Crash Proof Retirement Show®.