Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella Goes Door to Door

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella launched his career in the insurance industry after witnessing what happened to his grandpa and the effects it had on his family when his grandpa needed nursing home care. As our elders age, their bodies get more and more frail, and in that frailty usual functions stop working. When this happens people need help.

For many families, as occurred for Phil Cannella, the stress this puts on the rest of the family can be extreme. Who takes care of our parents? Usually the children. But if there are no children or the children are estranged, this can be a problem.

For Phil Cannella’s family, like many, they loved their parents and grandparents and so it became incumbent on all of them to lend a hand and help out in many different ways. Phil Cannella’s dad took three jobs to help cover the bills.

For Phil Cannella, it became more than just about helping his grandpa, it became his mission in life to find a solution to this problem. Once a solution was in hand, Phil Cannella planned to offer that solution. This is where he discovered the insurance industry, which had that solution in the form of nursing home insurance, as it was called at the time and today is known as long term care insurance.

What Phil Cannella did next, is he went door to door to promote this product and offer it to seniors and those in need so they could protect themselves and their families.