Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella on the History of Financial Catastrophes

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella has witnessed first-hand the devastation a market crash can have upon an individual or a family, and most especially a retiree. Phil Cannella points out that these market crashes are cyclical, meaning they occur again and again.

In fact, in Phil Cannella’s book he makes this astute observation; “Despite these historic financial catastrophes, the stock market hasn’t evolved in a way that safeguards your retirement during economic downturns. There is no mainstream financial security model in that functions well in a market crash. There is not a single stock, mutual fund or bond portfolio model that is designed to protect your nest egg against the risks of investing in the stock market. American retirees encounter constant risks – as well as ongoing market fees – to their nest eggs as part of the due course of investing in securities.”

It is because of this that Phil Cannella looked far and wide to isolate those financial vehicles that are impervious to these stock market crashes. Phil Cannella wanted vehicles that could keep a client’s portfolio growing during the years when the market was rising and prevent decrease when the market was in a decline.

Phil Cannella has done exactly that and offers this through his Crash Proof Retirement™ System.