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Phil Cannella recognized

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella has been recognized by one of the leading market publications as one of the foremost experts on retirement planning. After almost 40 years in the industry, Phil Cannella became one of the leading lights in the insurance space in the country having helped thousands of retirees and pre-retirees reach their retirement goals, financially speaking. Seeing that Phil Cannella had a vastly successful seminar system, Snr Market Advisor interviewed him at length to discover the secrets to his success and put a full front page photo of the man on the edition which went out industry-wide.

Phil Cannella developed a system

Phil Cannella has truly developed a system which commands respect to the degree that his crash proof retirement system has a real formula for success. From the way Phil Cannella attracts qualified consumers to his events, to the three-appointment process he takes the consumer through, are all part and parcel to the success that has made Phil Cannella a true leader in the industry.

His success is in no small part due to the way he imparts the knowledge he has gained through his training. The whole theme of Phil Cannella’s approach is one in which he is educating the consumer so that the can make more informed decisions with their finances.

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