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Phil Cannella • Phillip Cannella

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella has longed believe that to truly help your client, you must always put yourself in the client’s shoes.

Phillip Cannella • Phil Cannella

A rule of thumb to all advisors; before giving any advice, think of what you would do if you were that retiree. This country is filled with financial advisors that deal with so many clients on a given day that they have lost all connection with satisfying the individual needs of a client. But as long as you take a moment to think about each client and how they can best manage their future, as if it were your own future, you will never have anything to be ashamed of.

Phil Cannella has been in the business of protecting consumers by educating them on how to properly preserve their retirement assets for nearly four decades. Over the years Phil Cannella has learned that there are no cutting corners when it comes to educating consumers.

“Each time I step into a meeting with a consumer, I place myself in their situation. Any concerns they voice, I adopt them as my own concerns and work my very best to find a way to accomplish every goal the consumer has, as if it were my very own financial wellbeing that was being discussed,” says Phil Cannella.

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