Phil Cannella Interviews Andrew Huszar: Part 9

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News

Phil Cannella: “How important is it to discuss

the nation’s economic situation in a public forum? For example, on CNBC?”

Andrew Huszar: “I will say this:One thing I’ve loved about what’s happened is that we do live in the greatest country in the world. I wrote this piece, which is very critical about the government and about what we’re doing, and I’ve been able to go on and speak about it. In fact, a lot of these shows had me on. I do want to celebrate in America, this idea of free speech. I think it’s pretty incredible that we have it. I do appreciate that I get to go on a lot of these shows, and that these shows exist. I think that’s really important.”

Phil Cannella: “There are so many financial shows out there, and so much information floating around. Can all that information become overwhelming for the consumer?”

Andrew Huszar: “I think the problem is that we have so much information that it’s overwhelming, and the prospect for confusion and misinformation is too high. I don’t know how we get around that, and people do have their own agendas, and that’s a problem. I do hope I go back on these shows because when they have me on, I get to talk about my views, and even if they push back, we need to have this debate, we need to talk about these issues. Otherwise we’re just going to end up doing this anyways.”

Phil Cannella: “With the market recently reaching record highs, is now a good time to jump into the stock market?”

Andrew Huszar: “Be careful like you always would have been about being in the stock market, and be comfortable with what you might lose because the reality is, stocks don’t always go up, sometimes they go down pretty dramatically. I wouldn’t just jump into stocks right now because the stock market’s at an all time high. Often we see that those are the times that people get hurt the most. I may be more open to the idea of being in stocks, but just keep it to a relatively manageable part of your portfolio, and be very vigilant, keep on watching what’s happening with The Fed and with the government, and make sure that you’re staying on top of your investments.”

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