Phil Cannella Interviews Andrew Huszar: Part 12

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Phil Cannella: “Professor Huszar, what should

Phil Cannella: Professor Huszar, what should the everyday investor do to protect their assets?”

Andrew Huszar: “I definitely think we need to be prudent about financial assets and financial asset management, and I think it’s really important that your listeners find someone who can help them manage their assets in a conservative but effective way.”

Phil Cannella: “What changes to the financial system in this country would make planning for retirement easier on the everyday investor?”
Andrew Huszar: “I think ultimately we’re talking about a growth story, and we need to get to the point where people are generating earnings so that they can actually retire. That’s partially the financial markets, but it’s also about investing again in the underlying conditions for growth in the U.S., and making sure that we have the playbook right for going forward, and I just think we need an effective financial market for the U.S. to work, but we also need an effective educational system, effective infrastructure, all the things I talked about before. I’m worried that this economy just isn’t working for most every American at this point or at least not too many of them.”

Phil Cannella: “Professor Huszar, you have an extensive background, you have an extensive education. Obviously you are a person who cares about this country. You are a United States Citizen. Tell me, in your life, what has been your biggest achievement? And what do you want your future biggest achievement to be?”

Andrew Huszar: “Wow that’s a big question. So just to give you a little more background about me. I’m a first generation kid. My parents immigrated here from Hungary. They escaped Communist Hungary in the 60s and came here. There is no bigger fan of this country than me. I mean, there are, but I’m right up there in terms of someone who really appreciates what this country gave to my family and to me. You’re going to be surprised if I tell you this, but I think my biggest achievement was working at The Fed, and helping to work on behalf of the U.S. people, and I did some things that I will be forever proud of in my life there, and worked with such incredible people. I think at a certain point, obviously, I think some of what we did, what I did with the best of intentions, I think helped cause some of the issues we talked about, or at least helped contribute to them, so there will be also some regrets for being at The Fed. My time at The Fed has been the highest and the lowest, and I guess going forward, what I’m trying to figure out, having had this path laid out for me, I could have worked on Wall Street for the rest of my life and had those financial rewards, but it didn’t mean as much to me as the idea of trying to find a way to contribute I think more meaningfully to society. That’s what I’m in the process of doing. This has been part of that, in terms of how I can make the most positive impact and whether that’s maybe going to business in a different way and hopefully having a socially positive impact on it, because I ultimately believe in entrepreneurship, or whether that’s just talking more about the issues. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

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