Phil Cannella Explains How to Avoid the “Retirement Bubble”

Phil Cannella is acutely aware of how fragile our current economy is and how it’s been artificially propped up through trillions of dollars of quantitative easing. Unfortunately, the country’s massive debt, and the ever-escalating budget deficits are putting this economy into an untenable position. Phil Cannella is a businessman and as any good businessman or business woman will tell you, you cannot run a business by constantly driving it into further and further debt. Phil Cannella will tell you that this economy is poised for another crash and that crash will hit right at the heart of the retirement savings of millions of tens of millions of Americans.

Protecting yourself from the bursting retirement savings bubble is critical explains Phil Cannella and he advises everyone to take heed to avoid getting caught in the middle of it. In a very inspiring interview Phil Cannella conducted with renowned economic forecaster Harry Dent, Phil asked Dent:

“What advice can you give retirees during this bubble?”

Harry Dent’s response to Phil Cannella’s question was profound.

“You have to protect your assets in this next crash. This bubble has been created by the Government and been pumped up to unprecedented levels, but it’s getting to extremes. Just when people get comfortable- people were skeptical of this bull market in the beginning and now everyday investors are jumping back in like they did in the late 90s and 2007, just to get crucified. This bubble has created great gains for most investors. You got to protect what you have before things crash again because they are going to crash.” – Harry Dent

Phil Cannella has helped thousands upon thousands of retirees protect their future and has enabled them to live out their retirement just as they had always wanted. Phil Cannella urges consumers to come see him and get educated on the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System so that each and every retiree can have a feeling of comfort as they move into and through retirement.