Phil Cannella Explains Effectiveness of Crash Proof Retirement System

Phil Cannella has taken the risk out of investing by creating the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System that allows one’s investments to grow as the markets rise, but stay even when the markets go down or even crash. Crash Proof investments never lose a penny of principal and that includes all of the vehicles within the Crash Proof System. This creation of the Crash Proof System goes right back to the core of Phil Cannella’s values and what he stands for when it comes to being a true consumer advocate and helping people in and approaching retirement.

Phil Cannella explains that the vehicles that are used within his proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System are grounded in the Life Insurance industry; an industry that by law cannot file for bankruptcy because it is a statutory industry. Even though hundreds of banks have gone out of business after the crash of 2008, not a single insurance company went under. This is because the insurance industry maintains a system of statutory reserves that banks are not required to keep. People worry about a run on banks. There is no worry when it comes to insurance companies and the life insurance industry maintains a system of reserves that is practically impervious to a market crash.

More to the point however is that Phil Cannella wants his clients to have peace of mind in retirement; he wants them to feel comfortable that their investments are protected from stock market crashes and from volatility and insecurity. Safety and security in retirement is what Phil Cannella has given his clients through his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement system.

Phil Cannella doesn’t believe that people in retired years should have their life savings at market risk. The stock market is not a place for someone who is past their working years to invest their lifetime nest-egg. Why would a retiree want to do that when it is possible that in one short breath much of that entire wealth could be wiped out? Thus the development of Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System: the financial vehicles of which, are grounded in the life insurance industry and are not subject to market volatility.