Phil Cannella Addresses the Market Crashes of the Last 15 Years – Phil Cannella Media

Phil Cannella saw many many consumers hurt

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Media: Phil Cannella saw many too many consumers hurt by the devastating effects created not only by the market crash of ’01 and ’02, but also the crash of ’07 and ’08. Seeing that the markets went through a cycle every 5 – 7 years where they would go up, up, and up and then come tumbling down, he sought to do something to prevent the nest eggs of retirees getting wiped out so drastically.

Phil Cannella and the Crash Proof Retirement System

Phil Cannella recognized that there a retiree was in no position to go back into the work force in order to accumulate the wealth needed to enjoy retirement. The retiree should be enjoying his nest egg to live out his Golden Years. What Phil Cannella wanted to do was come up with a system which would preserve and protect the assets of a retiree while still allowing for some growth, even if on the conservative side.

From this Phil Cannella created the Crash Proof Retirement System which utilizes a set of financial vehicles which are impervious to the downturns of the market. Even when the market crashes, the investor’s principal doesn’t diminish, but when the markets go up, the investor will see growth. This is why the crash proof retirement system is truly crash proof.

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